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Sports Chiropractic in Plano and McKinney

Side adjustmentWhether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or somewhere in between, athletic activities put a lot of strain and stress on the body, causing joints to get out of alignment—and when your joints aren’t aligned and moving as they should, injury is more likely.

Nearly all of our chiropractors were college athletes, and their experiences with sports chiropractic care are what inspired them to be chiropractors.

Injury Prevention, Performance and Recovery

Our Farrar Family Chiropractic chiropractors help ensure your body is working at its best, with joints in the right position so they can move properly and reduce the risk of injury. We also focus on the muscles, ensuring they’re balanced, which also helps you avoid injury and function at your highest ability. In fact, research shows that athletes who receive regular chiropractic care improve their performance by an average of 18%.

Chiropractic care also aids in injury recovery. When you injure a joint, the body’s response is to seize up and guard the joint, leaving it to heal in the injured position. We help ensure it heals in the correct position so it heals faster and more completely, allowing it to function correctly once it’s fully restored.

Man swinging golf club

Who We Help

From kids playing football to seniors playing pickleball, we’re here to help you stay in the game and perform at your best! We focus on all the joints of the body, and we see injuries such as:

  • Tendonitis in any joint in the body, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles
  • Impact injuries, such as from football or other contact sports
  • Overuse injuries from performing repetitive movements

How We Help

Our care is tailored to your specific needs and goals based on a thorough examination and X-rays. We offer a wide range of adjusting techniques, soft tissue work and other healing modalities that we will recommend to retrain and correct the conditions you currently have.

Get Started Today

With multiple chiropractors at both of our locations, we can generally accommodate same-day appointments. Contact us today to schedule.


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