I came in to see Dr. Farrar for a second opinion on whether I had subluxation as I was told by another chiropractor on 1-14-12. I had no curve in my neck and my spine was misaligned. I was being bothered with tingling in my feet and hands, and was going numb at night. I was told the subluxation went as far back as 15 or 20 years. The tingling and numbness had been occurring often, on and off, but since the middle of 2011 it had gotten worse so I went to see a neurologist.

After having started my adjustments at Dr. Farrar’s office for the past 6 months; I have no more tingling or numbness and after getting a proper pillow for sleeping I’ve had better nights of sleep. But the most important testimony for me is that on my progressive re-exam, Aug. 13th, my x-ray showed me having a curve back in my neck and spine not 8% better but 20% better. I feel I was truly blessed to have found Dr. Kevin Farrar. I highly recommend you see him for any problems you may be experiencing!


I had extensive lung surgery about 8 years ago on two occasions, since that time I have suffered from pain and often times severe. I have been unable to get any relief. About 10 weeks ago the pain in my low back and right hip became so severe I could hardly walk and the pain was preventing me from being able to sleep.

I met Dr. Farrar and his fiancé at the chamber in Plano and was immediately impressed with their sincerity and kindness.

I told him about my problems and set up an appointment. He educated me about my nervous system and my spine and we came up with my plan to get my health back. Over the past month I have greatly improved. I am sleeping great (nearly 8 hours a night) and am almost pain free.

I will continue my treatment and highly recommend Farrar Family Chiropractic.


Having known Dr. Kevin Farrar and Anna as friends I was thrilled when Farrar Family Chiropractic opened! I have been suffering from lower back pain, neck tension and migraines for many years. Dr. Kevin Farrar educated me on the benefits of Chiropractic as well as how treatment could help my pain. After one month of treatment, I am happy to say I have no migraines and the pain I used to experience daily in my neck and lower back have almost disappeared! It is so nice to not have to rely on Tylenol and Advil products to get me through the day. Chiropractic is truly treating my underlying problems with my spine and nervous system so I no longer have to treat the symptoms I used to face. Thank you Farrar Family Chiropractic


I first visited Dr. Farrar because I had been experiencing mild low back pain that had recently gotten worse. I work on the computer all
day for a living and have been belly dancing for the past several years as a hobby, so having worsening low back pain was definitely a concern and something I did not want to ignore. I also had a history of regularly getting bad headaches, the type that made “staying in bed all day” a less painful option than “trying to get up and move”.

Dr. Farrar did a thorough work-up on my first visit, and I learned that my low back pain was definitely related to the health of my spine. What surprised me was that my headaches were also related!

After the first few adjustments and some helpful exercises and information from Dr. Farrar, I could absolutely feel a difference in my lower back. Once my body was able to adjust to “how it was supposed to be aligned” as opposed to “how it had settled for being aligned after decades of bad posture”, I could really feel an improvement both in my posture and in my dancing.

In addition, Dr. Farrar talked to me a lot about my posture and my neck. I made a conscious effort to change my posture at work, and did the traction and neck exercises that Dr. Farrar recommended. I’m happy to say I haven’t had a debilitating headache in several weeks, for which I am incredibly grateful!


According to my parents, I experienced much distress with my digestive system from birth. As I aged this was a situation I learned to handle as best as possible. The issue was never determined by the doctors and no diagnose was made. As a young adult I sought medical help and never came away with any determination of what the digestive distress was linked to. Now, as an elder adult, after listening to Dr. Farrar’s educational talks, I have been seeking his therapy.

I am so excited with the improvement I have experienced. He provides such clarity as to what the cause and effect may be and how his adjustments may address each concern. To think that since birth something was wrong with my body’s functioning and no one was able to provide any answers. I will be forever grateful for the more normal behavior of my digestive system.

Additional benefits I have received were his ability to perform adjustments that alleviated numbness in my right thigh area. That occurred due to an accident in high school. I now have recovered 99% of the feeling in that area.

He is such a blessing to me and to the community.
Always a fan,

I have been receiving adjustments at Farrar Family Chiropractic. When I was 16, I was a passenger in a car that went into a ditch. My head hit the window, but at the time I didn’t think I was injured. Many years later my neck started to hurt. It progressively got worse to the point that I was in constant pain and could barely turn my head. When I met Dr. Kevin, he did a full assessment and took x-rays. He spent the time to explain to me why I had so much pain and how chiropractic care could help. Meeting him and Anna has been such a blessing. I am now pain free, and I know how to keep my spine healthy. I have also experienced improved breathing, clearer sinuses, improved sleep, and my voice, which was becoming scratchy over the previous months is now as clear as ever. I had no idea how much Chiropractic could improve my overall health.


I met Dr. Farrar last year at a networking event. I have always been skeptical of chiropractic and relied on ibuprofen for my aches and pains.

During a brief conversation, Dr. Farrar mentioned that he at times will come into an office to talk about managing stress in the workplace.

I asked him to come in to talk to us about this.

After his presentation, I was still skeptical but decided to see him for a quick evaluation. Since my very first visit, I feel like a new person.

For years, I have not been able to sleep due to my aches and pains and all my stress. As it turns out, my bad work desk posture; constant driving; even the way I carry my wallet all had an effect on my overall wellbeing and spinal health. . Dr Farrar has even given me exercises that I can do at home to help strengthen my back.

Since starting chiropractic, I feel a lot better and I am sleeping through the night. I also feel like I can manage my stress better. He has taught me to listen to the warning signs that my body gives me which will lead to discomfort and pain. Overall, I am very pleased with my results.

I highly recommend Farrar Family Chiropractic to anyone who has a lot of stress in their life. As I have found out; a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Thanks, Louie

Greetings from a Jubilant Skeptic!

I have increasingly suffered from Fibromyalgia, Sciatica and a series of foot surgeries (broken bones, bone spurs, Morton tumors, bunions, tendonitis of my Achilles, arthritis and bursitis in my ankles)! These little problems created constant foot pain, mid-back pain from dragging boots and braces and chronic sleeplessness. Drugs and therapy helped a little.

A Good friend of mine recommended Dr. Farrar several times. Being old, stubborn and unsure of Chiropractic outcomes I was not sure that this would lead to any improvement. I am known to be my own worst enemy.

One day, I realized that I could not pick up my little grandson without a lot of pain! I was now motivated. The time had come—I was suddenly desperate to try anything to improve, so I made my first appointment at the Farrar Family Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Hallelujah – a month later I am:

  • Able to sleep 6-7 hours a night! (from 2-3 hrs.)
  • Can turn my head to drive properly!
  • My Feet have no pain in them whether walking, standing or sleeping!!! (first time in 15 yrs)
  • My back, shoulders and hips no longer ache at night or when I stand up!
  • I can put on my shoes, clothes, etc while balancing on one foot! (wasn’t expecting that!)
  • I can stand up straighter and have much improved energy level!

I want to thank Linda Neal for being persistent and encouraging. I will always be grateful for the skills of Dr. Farrar and the professional and caring atmosphere he and Anna have created at this center.

I have become a great supporter of Chiropractic Care and would recommend this center to anyone. It has made a wonderful difference in my Life!

Jeanne Stone.

I had suffered from low back pain for over ten years. I went to two different back “groups,” one very pro-surgery and one who sent me to a pain management doctor group. I had injections in my back and while fantastic at the time, provided no lasting relief. After months of doctor’s visits, pain injections and therapy, I was still a lower back pain sufferer. Additionally, I had developed numbness in one arm and was looking for reasons why.

I met Dr. Kevin and Anna at the Plano Chamber of Commerce. After listening to his approach to skeletal health, I decided to go in for an x-ray and evaluation to see how his explanation might differ from those of the previous doctors. To my surprise and delight, he takes a simple, gentle and systematic approach to bring me back to balance and “health”. His evaluation still shows disc degeneration, a condition that I just have to live with, but with his treatment, I now stand balanced and my lower back pain has been eliminated. He even took my neck to a new level with mobility and no more numbness in my arm. Once again, I can play golf with no pain and much better flexibility. Of course, I strongly recommend Dr. Kevin and his practice. Simply and fantastically effective!


I decided to see Dr. Kevin based on the recommendation of my mom’s trainer, Susan. She told me about all the benefits of chiropractic, so I decided to check it out for myself. I never had any major trauma, just a few minor car accidents. However, I did have some lower back pain and hip pain. Though it wasn’t chronic, it did interfere with my everyday life.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kevin for almost a year, and am really pleased with the results. I haven’t had any lower back or hip pain since I’ve started seeing him. I look forward to maintaining these great results in the future!


I met Dr. Kevin and Anna through my personal trainer, Susan Arkwright, about a year ago. Since I did not have any severe pain, I was not sure if I really needed to see a chiropractor. As a computer professional who works on a computer the majority of my day, I knew that I had some opportunities.

As I reflect on the last year what I appreciate most about my experience with Dr. Kevin is his holistic approach to my health and wellness. From alignments which have improved my spine and neck positions and keep the ‘power on’ to guidance with a Standard Process cleanse which netted a weight loss of 10 lbs (to date down 25 lbs) and a significant decrease in cholesterol levels to a healthy range. From tips on how to position computer monitors, keyboards and sitting at my desk for optimal body function to positive reinforcements (cheering squad) when I check into the gym or get in a walk with Cooper (dog). From providing supplements and vitamins to enhance my wellness and targeted for my particular needs to monthly massages with Lee Ann. Everything works together to achieve my health goals and have improved my quality of life. I feel great! Not only have Dr. Kevin and Anna become my friends; I have confidence to recommend their practice to others.


The past several (post kids) years I’ve been upping my physical activity to fight the impending 40’s. I decided to challenge myself with training for some 5K’s. I loved it and was amazed at what my body could do when I worked hard.

Then it all went south. After some tough hilly runs I could barely stand up straight let alone run. The pain shooting down my left leg left me depressed and frustrated. Being big on no doctors unless I was dying, I was reluctant to try chiropractic care. But when I could hardly get out of bed, shop for Christmas gifts, or cook dinner for my family, I knew I had to try something.

My husband suggested I see Dr. Farrar in November 2012. He carefully listened to my symptoms and my medical history. He took my x-rays and carefully explained that I had scoliosis (twisted spine) that was causing me such pain. But with the look of fear in my eyes Dr. Farrar explained that I was going to get better. It wasn’t the end of my running, I was going to stand up straight again. He gave me hope.

I’ve been coming here 3 times a week since November. I look forward to every adjustment because I know it’s a step to a healthy pain free body. And every time I come I feel better and better. Now I so appreciate every mile I run, every jump out of bed in the morning that much more. I know I couldn’t have done that without Dr. Farrar.