Headaches… A Pain in Your Neck

Headaches can start as a nuisance and become debilitating to your daily life.  Most people think of a headache as just that, a pain in your head.  They take medicine to relieve the symptoms and hope that it gets better.  A lot of time those headaches are caused by other issues in the body that results in pain in your head.  Chiropractic care provides the ability to adjust your body back to a normal state, thus relieving the stress and tension on the body that is causing your headache.

One study performed by Hall, Briffa et al, showed a 90% correlation between neck pain and cervicogenic headaches.  Furthermore, the study showed the severity of the headaches impacted the range of motion in the patients’ necks.

If you are experiencing headaches or headache related symptoms, a visit to your local Plano Chiropractor may be just what you need.  We are here to make you feel better and live a happier, healthier life.